Why Let One Thought Poison Another One?

Make sense of the noise and balance your thoughts


Why is it that when bad things happen, we tend to let them poison everything else? What if you could avoid all that?

We don’t need to sabotage our positive emotions with negative thoughts. There are techniques available to you that will help you make sense of the litany of thoughts and put them into their proper baskets.

This eBook will help you to:

  • Diffuse your Fears
  • Laser Focus on What Matters
  • Segment Your Thoughts

There is an entire world of balance and harmony out there. You have to seek it. It takes work just like everything else. If we spent half as much time focusing on enhancing ourselves as we did worrying we’d all be light-years ahead! Download “Find Your Prism,” it’s just a short read to put you on the right track towards personal growth.

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Why is it that when bad things happen, we tend to let the poison everything else? We walk into work and have a crappy interaction and the whole day goes to shit. Sound familiar? Find Your Prism for Free!

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