“The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.”
― Vince Lombardi Jr.

So What’s All the Fuss About?

I’m just a human being that reached my bottom and was able to break through.

  • I don’t carry a long list of degrees.
  • I’m not a “rah rah rah” guy.
  • I always have room to improve.
  • I’m here to share my story with you.

I have a seperate site for learning more about hiring Adventure Coach Aaron Rentfrew directly!

Simply put, I made Living Right to show people what I wished someone would have told me. Once I started sharing my experiences with the world I found it so beneficial that I wanted others to do the same, which is why I always encourage using the forum to share your stories of growth and development even if you haven’t read my books!

In the “Turning Point” one of the ways to deal with your past is by helping others with the problems you have faced. The forum is a platform to put those in need together in a safe and anonymous space.

I invite you to comment on the threads and let me know your thoughts. I keep up as much as I can. If there are topic you really want to hear about you can always send me an email, I read them all!

Lose the feeling that you cannot be a better version of yourself. I promise you, if you are down and looking for a way up, you’ll find it! Don’t stop till the magic happens.

As for me, I’m passionate about a few things that will be the basis for most of the topics as we go. So, if you’re not interested in the topics below this probably isn’t the place for you!

Helping People
High Performance
Positive Mindset
Reaching Full Potential!